Monday, October 26, 2009

A quote from Hugh Mackenzie Research Associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in the Toronto Star October 26, 2009

“Then there's the right-wing's childish fantasy that if you lower tax rates, government revenue will actually increase. We can all pay less tax, and government will get more revenue.

Try that one on a 4-year-old. It defies logic. Here's the reality: Data from the OECD demonstrate that, since 1995, tax revenue in Canada has dropped from 36 per cent of GDP to 33 per cent of GDP. That may not sound like much, but it represents a loss of nearly $50 billion a year in public revenue. And we wonder why Canada plunged into a $50 billion deficit magically overnight.

Needless to say this garbage does not reflect  truth in Ontario as recently as the Mike Harris tax cuts starting in 1996.  Revenue grew every year through the Eves government from 48 Billion to 66 Billion.

How the Star can print this nonsense baffles me.