Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I am supporting Randy Hillier

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.  With the current economic times (brought to us by the political elite of all parties over the last few decades) I have to try to do something for my children and grandchildren.

I've looked at all the options for Ontario and Randy is the ONLY one I could vote for.  First, he has to win the nomination for leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.  To do this he needs a lot of votes in the leadership contest in June.  It costs $10 to join the party and as long as this is paid on, or before May 14, 2009, you and any family members over the age of 14 who have joined can go vote.

This is the only true democratic system you will ever get in the provincial and federal systems in Canada.  After the leaders are chosen, that's it for a while.

I asked Randy, “if the ballot for leader had a 'None of the Above' option how many votes would it get”?  His answer was 'A MAJORITY'.  I agreed but pointed out that that is what he is.  He IS 'None of the Above'!  He is not a career politician.  He's just a citizen who finally started to fight back.  It actually won't take that many more of us to dump the current political class.  It is terrifying how few there actually are (mere thousands out of 13,000,000) who have complete control of us and our families.       

Check Randy's background on his website link below.  If he sounds like he shares your fears and hopes, join now and VOTE for him in June.  It's a lot less painful than continuing on the way we’re going.

I've met Randy.  What you see is what you get!.  He is 'just folks'.  He's a union member (IBEW) who sees both the good and bad of that system.  He's a land owner who realizes how badly our rights are being trampled.  He's a new MPP who knows how broken the current government system is.  He is NOT afraid to deal with difficult issues.  He won't run and hide.

Please help get him elected on behalf of all our children and grandchildren!

Bill MacLean



Right On said...

I'm from Brampton and a member of the PC Party of Ontario. I haven't been following the leadership race closely. I heard yesterday that Hillier was the most conservative of the candidates. This woke me up. I am leaning towards Hudak for the sole reason that Harris endorsed him. My thinking is that if Harris endorsed him he must be the most conservative candidate. Am I wrong?
I will vote for the candidate who promises to slash provincial tax rates, especially at the higher end of the income spectrum, and, by necessity, slash (the growth) of government spending. I haven't heard any candidate speak this way.

Right On.

Laurie said...

I too am support Hillier as my #1 pick for leader, Mike Harris may be endorsing Hudak because of his friendship/loyalty with Hudak's wife, Harris former assistant. In any case I believe Randy is the most sincere, truly blue Conservative out of the 4 running.