Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do you have a problem with this?

It's OK to profile for Affirmative Action programs.

It's OK to profile for Diversity programs.

It's OK to profile with the Census.

You can't profile for National Security.

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bertie said...

Sure we have a problem with this,but as long as we don,t have a majority Conservative government,we cannot mention other races or the opposition will say we are racists.Well one thing we can say about the opposition and they cannot argue against it,is the fact they are all a DISGUSTING lot of anti everything Conservative.In 4 years of opposition,can anyone anywhere in Canada name ONE 1 thing any of the opposition parties have added to the well being of Canada.Disgusting is the polite word i use for these types of people and you know what i love profiling these BASTARDS for what they are doing or trying to do to this Government and by extension this Canada.