Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interesting Take on US Political Dynamics

This has to be driving the White House, Democrats, and the media up the wall.

Using the Alinsky model, the White House requires an enemy. They've tried Rush and Beck already and that did nothing. They tried to go after Fox and that tactic went way south.

From the Dems perspective, they can choose to focus their attention against Palin and ignore those all across the country who are running for their pal's seat in Congress, really turning the races into a local event.

That strategy may already be failing anyway, because with losses in Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts, the message and political clout from The One obviously hasn't been respected and well received.

The bigger problem is she isn't running for anything. Many who support her would love to see her declare but I think it would be a mistake. The media would like nothing more than a declaration now so they can focus all of their attention on a her as the candidate - instead of the messenger.

The leaderless Tea Party presents another problem, in that without a defined leader, should the WH decide to take the “Alinsky approach”, the WH then must campaign against the will of a growing group of people - and that will is very represented in the form of the Tea Party. There is no single person to mention in press conferences or speeches from The Dear Leader. No single person he can get up there and vilify. This might be the reason he periodically goes after the banks.

If they choose to call out Palin, they only validate her existence AND formally recognize her message. Even if they outright attack her, the message will become the topic eventually. They also run the risk of being seen as calling out a private citizen which really hasn't happened before.

The media is very much faces the same problem in their quest to protect the aristocracy they cheerleaded for last year. MSNBC and the likes will devote much of their air time to “analyze” Palin and the Tea Party, but no one watches anyway. Their “base” will always hate anyone who dares speak out against their Savior so it's really pointless.

We are really just creeping along to the launching pad. Hopefully the timing will be such that the movement will peak late October. Let the Dems continue to hang themselves with idiotic statements, plans of utopia, and arrogant behavior, because they will reach the point of hanging themselves. It will happen.

Then we can reload and focus on 2012.


Anonymous said...

Your take on naming and polarizing
on an identified enemy is interesting, but has one flaw.
The time line is far to long. Saul preferred events to be "now", rather than some drawn out time line.
You might also want to consider that Saul always wanted the "troops" to be angry over an issue and bluntly, he would stir things up.
Still, your article is a good read of obama and co. making war against America.
p.s. I worked with Saul and haven't forgotten how effective he was.

Blame Crash said...

Very interesting post.

Especially the bit about the "leaderless Tea Party".

I believe that they'll be pulling a Hail Mary maneuver by flooding every winnable district and State with a typhoon of cash. The big question is, will enough of these areas fall for it?

I’m guessing not.

Anonymous said...

The left are very interesting, even when in power they act like complete paranoids. (real conservative)