Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Military Model for Welfare Reform

For centuries the Military system has taken young inexperienced people and turned them into proficient citizens.  It has used a time tested model.  It is purpose directed and continually monitors its effectiveness.  It is time for us to use the methods we have learned to address the problem of a growing class of citizens whose net productivity is negative to our nation and society.

The military uses self contained bases as the foundation of its system.  These are secure facilities with most of the necessities of life provided on base.  Enrollees are housed in common facilities for which they become responsible during their stay.  They eat in common messes where good nutrition is practiced.  They are required to maintain their physical fitness, their appearance and behavior at general standards.

They are required to actively learn a trade or skill set as well as common communication skills.  Today there is emphasis on computer skills as well.

Virtually all graduates are employable.  They have acquired the knowledge, skills, and personal discipline that make them desirable as citizens and workers.

If we require welfare recipients, other than very short term cases, to enter a program designed along these lines, we will be able to eliminate the tendency for people to go on long term welfare roles.  On base schools would be available for the children.  There would be on base medical and dental services as well recreational facilities.  Male and female residences would be separated. 

Funding for this system is already available considering the enormous public cost of the current dispersed welfare network.


robins111 said...

That works for me, however keep the lefties out of the system,

I can just see it, HRC nvolved with a case where a corporal yelled at a recruit.

In addition, I suspect that a lot of the (social assistance clients) would find other work rather than putting on a uniform.

Anonymous said...

Two years Military Service compulsory before the age of 25 works for me.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who spent about 20 years on welfare as a single mom, raised her kids who then got on welfare (and daughter became a single mom).
She always said society "owed" her a living. When Harris brought in workfare, poof, she magically got a job.