Friday, October 14, 2011

OccupyWallStreet vs. Bill Whittle

I know who my money’s on: Bill Whittle delivers yet another awesome Afterburner, taking to task the Wall Street Whiners.



Anonymous said...

Well said.

Alex said...

All very excellent except that I pay good money for 3.5 in a Cabin and lov it. I would send them to Saudi Arabia so they can learn that all the money in the world doesn't matter if your form of government is an Orwellian horror show.

Anonymous said...

You over simplify your analogy of this subject, you are looking at this from a corporate perspective. In a lot of ways a simpler way of life would be better but as the corporate sales view would have us believe we could not live without things like computers, cell phones and food from the third world. We could, but the grand corporate designers and politicions of todays global economic theme can't make enough money from people who consume less and weather you do or not Gas will go up and China and India will buy much more than we ever have. We will drive less because we can not afford the price of gas. We can buy less stuff because we make less money than we used to and China and India will consume more than we ever did as they now have so many of our old jobs. The corporoations are going with thier factories to where the big money is and that is where people have the most babies. It's so simple it's sickening, the West has been sold out by the politicions and the richest of the rich. If what this speaker says that many of these people do not know what they are protesting is true, it's a sign of a civilization that has lost it's way and is starting to crack at the seams and fade away into the sunset from the side effects corporate greed. It's not a pretty thing for the losers especially when it's so blatantly self inflicted. It's the agony of being caught up on the losing side that is just starting to really show. And that's life, that's the way she goes but naturally, bigger storms are on coming. Some old men told me so.