Sunday, January 1, 2012

Climate Science (a Consensus?)

Dec 31, 2011

Four Professors testify before the Canadian Senate Committee

The four submissions on December 15th to the Senate Committee by Drs. Clark, McKitrick, Veizer and Patterson) have been reformatted with all the slides by Tom Harris of ICSC. As Dr. Clark says of his presentation, it is his climate course packaged into ten minutes and for a lay audience.

Ian Clark:

Ross McKitrick:

Tim Patterson:

Jan Veizer:


Anonymous said...

The one senator said the testimony didn't have a french translation. So I guess it will all have to be disregarded.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Send this to Suzuki. No wait the science is settled

Anonymous said...

A couple of observations; David Angus is one arragant sob, who has made up his mind.Who would have thought the sun was a contributing factor, when are these IPC scammers going to be charged with fraud??Could someone please forward this information to Premier Dad, he needs it..

Alain said...

On a somewhat different note what is even more amazing regardless of where one stands on the issue is the idea that government is the answer. Government has never been the answer to any problem. It is the same insanity with "green energy". True green energy would not need to be subsidised and would be from the bottom up, not from the top down. Of course for the collectivists any excuse is good for growing government.

Anonymous said...

From my relatively uninformed perspective, the real problem with the believers in man-made climate change is that they never seemed entirely serious... assuming you believe that the problem exists, the logical position to take is to offer compromises and/or trade offs in order to address the problem... but no "trades" have been proposed.. so, for instance, I would support a high carbon tax/gasoline tax in return for.a) democratic control over social issues b) a less "progressive" tax code c) reduced economic protectionism/crony capitalism.. or any number of other things... but the greens never want to offer anything in exchange for addressing climate issues... which leads me to think that this has always been about increasing the power of the state

Roy Elsworth said...

I knew I was rite and I hope the pm sees this maybe people should send this to there mps so they get the message not to raise taxes because of global warming

Anonymous said...

If you want a real eye-opener, just check out the new GED Prep Guide from Barron's for the candian version because in the "Sciences" section it asserts that Global Warming is cause by the CO2 rise on Earth.
One of the example Questions i saw had several x,y, Charts for Temp and CO2 , and the correct answer for Global warming was to pick the the Chart with the curve where temps go up as CO2 goes up.

My gawd, is the Ontario Diploma for High School so cheapened that Al Gore and David Suzuki must be worshipped and accepted as the "Science" experts that must never be questioned.
30 years ago I started studying Astronomy and saw how the Sun has the biggest effect for earth temps, i8n fact, Mars shows temp increases according to NASA and yet Mars has zero SUV's .

I'll get the page number from the barron's 2008 edition to have you see for yourself that Science is now Consensus and not the old system for a Cause and THEN the effects.
AGW started just after the Lead was taken out of Gasoline, so was Lead in gas keeping the earth cool ??

BillM said...

For more AGW stuff see my post March 2010