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The Media (After Romney Wins) from freerepublic.com

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Posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2012 9:13:34 AM by SampleMan

The media has been in a slumber for the last 4 years; not that the world has been quiet. We have lived in a world replete with economic collapse, international conflict, and social unrest, a time of tribulations and consequence, the likes of which we have not seen in over 70 years.

But a media which gleans only what it desires to further a socialist agenda has found no purchase on these stories. They had achieved their goal of placing a true socialist in the Presidency, and no bad news, no bad outcomes would be spoken of during his realm.

The barbarians have encroached to the gates, the heavy yoke of abusive taxation weighs heavily on the once productive land, and a lazy and demanding rabble grows in the streets. The media acting as sycophant to the king, reports that their Leader cares deeply and his policies are working. They keep heralding the coming dawn, as the night grows darker. Reports abound of the Queen’s grace and splendor, but not a word of what appears outside the windows escapes the party.

And now the day approaches when their chair, upon which they nap, is kicked from beneath them. They will awaken with shock and anger to report that a new world has befallen us all, and it is filled with horrors.

What the media will discover after Romney takes office:

1. We are in an economic depression worse than the 1930’s. The effects of which have been both forestalled and worsened by the government; however, the starting date will be falsely recorded as 2013.
2. The national debt is out of control and untenable. At historical rates, the interest alone will consume $1 trillion a year.
3. Our debt is junk. Only the Federal Reserve is willing to buy the Treasury’s bonds, and that is debasing the dollar.
4. Interest rates are not right. The media will not identify the Federal Reserve and massive Federal spending as the culprit, but it will suddenly notice that retirees can no longer live on their savings. It will also be noted that increases in the interest rate are hard on housing, businesses, and the government. Every side of the interest rate story will be used to cast President Romney in a bad light.
5. Massive inflation stirs in the land. The massive increases in the costs of food and energy will be reported as brand new events. We will be treated to personal accounts daily of families unable to make ends meet.
6. Personal net worth has plummeted and wages are down.
7. The unemployment rate is horrific and worsening. The U6 number (the real number of people unemployed) will be rediscovered and reported often. As will underemployment. This will suddenly become an immediate and pressing problem that cannot wait. The nightly news will discover the long lines of applicants and the personal stories of those families in need. This drum will beat daily, and the personal, caring interviews will reflect on the extravagant, uncaring White House. Improvements in decreasing U6 will increase U3, and this will be exploited by reporting the U6 number as a total and the U3 trend.
8. The world is on fire. Russia and China are playing for keeps and are eating our lunch. The Arab Spring bloomed into a thuggish Islamic caliphate. The world has the lowest respect for us in history and our enemies do not fear us.
9. We are at war and Americans are dying. The flag draped coffins have been increasing, despite the lack of nightly tallies. Peace Movement protests will magically reappear as a ubiquitous daily phenomenon. Deep concern will be deeply analyzed. Personal stories of disillusioned soldiers will be the norm.
10. Racist violence is exploding in our streets, and racial animosity is at a high for modern times. Despite the factual statistics, this will be reported as a predominantly white-on-black issue.
11. Local and state governments are mostly broke and have no recourse but to make cuts, with the Federal gravy train running off the rails. Every cut will be major and impactful, causing undue woe upon the land.
12. Every environmental boogey man will reemerge as an approaching ‘silent spring’ event. Every small gathering of the seriously concerned and every fax from their mother’s basement, will be headlined as a looming threat to our existence.
13. Public education will again be discovered to be woefully underfunded, as reporters interview the teacher’s union leaders. Interviews depicting every teacher living hand to mouth, and every classroom leaking water onto 20-year-old, tattered books, will chronicle our failures. No mention of mismanagement or misdirection of funds will be entertained.
14. All of these newly discovered issues will constitute a crisis of epic proportions. President Romney’s failure to cure these crises will be the summation for every panicked headline.

Finally, a new government in exile will be established and given a direct voice to the American people. Every governmental statement will be challenged by the government in exile. The apparatchiks of this Leftist government will brood and foment nightly with their media brethren concerning the evils of the government in power and the need for implementing their utopian plans, which they will assert have just never been tried.

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