Friday, August 23, 2013

Today's "GFY" Entry: Obama (From The Market-Ticker)


Our racist (refuses to stand up and call the crime by three young punks who posted on Twitter that they hated white people -- then executed a white jogger by shooting him in the back of the head a hate crime), jihad-ignoring (has willfully and intentionally refused to call Hasan's murder of American Servicemen and women on a US military base, while yelling "Allah Akhbar!", Muslim Terrorism) POS (that's shortened from POTUS) now spewed:

"Students need ways to manage and afford debt" (to go to college.)

Oh really?

Let me guess -- we need massive Collegiate Football palaces, thousands of deans, provosts and other non-educators in these "hallowed halls", and we must continue to innovate in teaching such rapidly-evolving and difficult to instill subjects such as Differential Equations, Organic Chemistry and Physics?

Uh huh.

Calculus hasn't changed since, well.... calculus.  Neither has Organic Chem; I seem to recall that the last seminal event that re-ordered how chemical reactions (whether organic or not) took place some many millions of years ago.  I also seem to remember that same event being the previous instance where how physics works might have been altered as well.

It would appear to me that the cost of a textbook for such a class should in fact approach zero.  After all, copyright has long since lapsed in the intervening years.  It would also seem to me that with said lecture being delivered a few hundred thousand times in the intervening period that the marginal value of same also approaches zero.  This leaves the marginal cost and utility value of someone to answer your questions when you don't understand why a particular concept works the way it does.

That cost and therefore at (some multiple thereof) price should approach (but not reach) zero.

In addition it appears to me that a Raspberry Pi, a fully-functional $35 computer that can be coupled to virtually any flat-screen TV, is sufficient resource for someone to be able to access said store of knowledge and learn, should you want to do so.  Of course there are other options, some that are paid for with public funds (e.g. computers in the library) but even if you're (truly) poor and have little there is no barrier to entry when it comes to the knowledge that colleges supposedly impart.

No, what you have is a POS (again, shortened from POTUS) who thinks that (debt) slavery is just fine, and who is perfectly ok with arrogating to himself the bully pulpit to advocate for exactly that.  After all, as a black man he wouldn't have any cultural sensitivity to slavery -- right?

It's especially amusing to watch this POS advocate for ways for people to "manage" said slavery.  I'm sure all the black people on the plantations felt exactly the same way.  Isn't it funny how today's plantation is found with a nice pair of ivory columns in front of the door and a bunch of professors and administrators sitting in the tower?

And people wonder why I think this nation is about to find itself gripped in the convulsions of a people tearing each other -- and themselves -- apart?

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