Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Memo to Tim Hudak

Have you ever heard of Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin?  It is a state that in many ways parallels Ontario.  It has been dominated by the left and unions for decades.  They elected this man.  He fought union control.  They fought back with nuclear weapons.  He won.  The state had a $1B surplus this year. He turned it around in 2 years. 

It is the roadmap for Ontario.  I hope to Hell you guys realize as he did that someone has to stand up and fight.  NO MORE WEASEL words!


Russ said...

Your words, "The state had a $1B surplus this year.":

What about the state's budget deficit projected to be $700 million to $800 million for the upcoming year? I like a lot of what Gov. Scott Walker has done for Wisconsin, but if we're giving the Ontario PC's advice, shouldn't we be telling the whole story?

Apparently, Walker is the only governor in U.S. history to win in a gubernatorial recall election—despite a vile smear campaign against him—so it seems voters support his hard stand on state and local government workers' healthcare plans and pensions, and his public sector union reforms, which have transformed the state's finances and avoided a Greece-like fate. All terrific stuff.

But that was then. Now the Gov. is pressing a budget that will add almost $800-million to the deficit...tread lightly, Mr. Hudak.

BillM said...

To Russ
The key here is that he turned it around in a heart beat. The new paradigm of lower taxes and economic freedom will generate a much stronger state economy going forward.
Hudak needs to get the message that everyone will vote for this kind of government.

Anonymous said...

While some comparisons are valid, the United States as a whole even in the solid blue states tends to be more conservative than Canada. Canada due a whole variety of factors is quite left wing by international standards and while I fully agree we need such policies to turn Ontario around it won't be an easy task. The only good news is we have two left wing parties meaning you only have to get 40% on board, not 50% like you do in Wisconsin so that is the one advantage we have.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.... one thing will turn Ontario around and that would be bankruptcy. foolish liberal socialists think they can borrow and spend other people's money without there ever having to be pay back. sooner or later the money flow stops, then the merde will hit the fan.