Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Tim Hudak’s Plan might look like!

Ontario Deficits as a function of Political Philosophy.

Note that Harris did almost exactly the same as being proposed.

He cut tax rates by 30%.  Revenues GREW by 62%.  So much for the union hacks and their credibility!

He turned a 11 billion deficit into a surplus in 5 years.

All the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth by the left Were proven to be ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Ontario Budget


Jen said...

With all your graphs showing, Ontarians still have no idea what in the hell is going on in their province nor do the msm want them to know. LPO and LPC know that very well.

I blame the media for allowing Dalton/Wynne to do as they please without they media batting an eyelid.
I remember when Ralph Klein asking the Albertans " we can continue with the debt or we can eliminate it but will take great sacrifice to accomplish that goal. We chose to eliminate the debt.

Unfortunately, our debt rose by PC Stelmach and Redford.

Anonymous said...

Art Laffers's LAFFER curve goes on to explain how this works. and in turn introduces tax competition to governments so they can trailer their tax systems to meet the different needs from region to region.

Calvin Coolidge knew it, JFK knew it, Ronald Reagan and others knew it.

Anonymous said...

tailor... not trailer... involuntary auto correct high jacks every try....er time... grrr...