Monday, November 3, 2014

It's not an error, it's fraud. (Karl Denninger –

It's not an error, it's fraud.

And this fraud is killing you.  Literally.

The top scientist guiding the U.S. government’s nutrition recommendations made an admission last month that would surprise most Americans. Low-fat diets, Alice Lichtenstein said, are “probably not a good idea.” It was a rare public acknowledgment conceding the failure of the basic principle behind 35 years of official American nutrition advice.

The problem is that there was never science behind any of it.  The so-called "science" was cooked, manipulated and the data selected to show a desired outcome.

That's fraud.

But this scam didn't just cost you money, although it sure as hell made a lot of medical providers very rich (at your expense.)  It also made you sick and killed many of you through heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more.

Yet most Americans are still actively trying to avoid fat, according to a recent Gallup poll. They are not aware of the USDA’s crucial about-face because the agency hasn’t publicized the changes. Perhaps it did not want to be held responsible for the consequences of a quarter-century of misguided advice, especially since many experts now believe the increase in carbohydrates that authorities recommended has contributed to our obesity and diabetes epidemics.

These people, and the doctors who lapped this crap up without question and dispensed advice that factually killed millions of Americans, should be prosecuted for their intentional falsehoods.

They won't be -- but they should be.

However, this points out something you ought to pay attention to -- other than patching holes and cutting things off, which medical science is very good at (it's damn hard to not understand what's going on when you broke your leg!) most of what is called "science" in the medical field and the recommendations that flow from it should be taken with an entire shaker full of salt -- on your food.

These are compelling reasons for Congress to ask the USDA and HHS to reconstitute the Dietary Guidelines committee so that its members represent the full range of expert opinion. The committee should then be mandated to fundamentally reassess the Guidelines’ basic assumptions, based on the best and most current science.



What we need to see is incarceration, and lots of it.

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