Friday, January 23, 2015

Bill Whittle exposes the TRUTH about gun-loving America vs the rest of the world


By The Right Scoop

This is a fantastic monologue by Bill Whittle that I’m sure you’re going to want to share. He hits back at the Left’s obsession with gun control by pointing out where gun-loving America really sits in the international arena when it comes to our murder rate.

Just watch:

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dmorris said...

Thanks for posting that,I didn't know those figures. I knew the USA wasn't first in murders, but had no idea they were so low on the list.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is playing with stats since if you look at the countries in the top 100, almost all of them are third world countries and every single one has a GDP per capita less than half the US. By contrast of the developed countries, the US murder rate is quite high. It's more than double any country in Western Europe, more than triple that of Canada and a whopping 15x that of Japan where gun ownership is virtually non-existent.

As for the cities listed, most are inner cities with high levels of poverty while Plano, Texas is a wealthy suburb. Otherwise yes one can show than loose gun control laws don't mean more murders but when you factor in median income levels there is in fact a correlation between gun control and murder rates.

BillM said...


You are missing the point. America is NOT monolithic it is a union of states. A handful of areas, all Democrat are responsible for most of the murders. The vast majority of America is peaceful. Oh, and by the way violence does not correlate well with poverty. It correlates with ethnic culture.

Anonymous said...

US is not monolithic but nor is Canada. If you take Toronto and Montreal which are large urban areas and you compare their murder rates to any major US city, you will find they are substantially lower thus debunking your point. The gun free cities that have high crime rates still have easy access to guns as one just has to leave the municipality and there are gun stores everywhere so nothing to stop them from being brought in. By contrast Canada has a border which helps reduce but not eliminate importation of guns. Likewise being more left wing doesn't mean more murders. Quebec is Canada's most left wing province yet has one of the lowest murder rates. As for certain ethnic cultures being more violent, not totally sure about that. Murder rates amongst the Black community in both Canada and Britain are similar to the white community in those countries thus sort of debunking this argument. Never mind murder rates amongst Blacks in wealthy suburban areas is not high, its the poor inner cities where it's bad.

Yes most Americans are peaceful, but so are most Hondurans. In all countries the majority don't commit murder, but almost all studies besides those done by the gun lobby show when you loosen gun laws and hold everything else constant, murder rates will go up.

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