Monday, February 2, 2015

May be Hope for Canada

Hmmm... (Bank of Canada -- The End of Government Debt?)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bill Still should be still about what the Bank of Canada should or should not do and focus instead on what the US Federal reserve is doing to his own country.

As for the notion the Canadian government controls the MSM ... that is a laughable & ridiculous idea.
-- Gabby in QC

BillM said...

Gee Anonymous this was a Canadian court decision. Pierre Trudeau almost bankrupted Canada with his deficit spending! The best thing we could do is go back to the old way.

My first home in western Montreal was a 4 bedroom custom built multi level split. Gross cost was $24,250. At that time that was 90% of one year's take home pay. A brand new Datsun 510 wagon was $2,820, 12% of my take home pay. I could see a doctor on one hour notice.

TAHT IS WHAT IT WAS LIKE HERE. At least American Bill Still is smart enough to know these things. You need to grow up and look around.

Anonymous said...


Last time I heard any serious talk about debt free financing for government by the BOC, it was a core part of the federal Socred platform back in the '60s under both Robert Thompson and Real Caouette.

To this day I still don't understand why governments first give the banking system the right to exist, and then go on hand and knee to them to finance, with interest, government capital projects.

Al in Cranbrook