Saturday, August 8, 2015

Singapore Tax Calculator

Data You Entered

Currency you want to use to input your data: SGD

Annual net corporate profit for your company: 0

Annual personal income from salary: 100,000

Annual personal income from Capital Gains: 10,000

Country to use for comparison: United States

Estimation of Your Taxes and Take Home Income

Based on the information you have provided, here are your estimated taxes. Please review the assumptions listed at the bottom of this page that have been made while performing this calculation.

(in SGD)

United States
(in SGD)

Total estimated tax you will pay to tax authorities

Total estimated after-tax take home income for you

Exchange rates used:
  • 1 SGD = 0.7228 USD

Notes and Assumptions

  • Total estimated tax includes corporate tax, dividend tax, capital gains tax, and personal income tax. It's the total estimated tax that you will pay both at the corporate as well as personal tax levels.
  • The Tax Estimator assumes that you and your company are tax residents of the respective country for which the tax amount is being calculated.
  • While general tax rates and tax exemptions have been taken into account for each country, esoteric tax rules such as short-term tax breaks, industry specific tax incentives, state/local level taxes imposed, etc. that may be applicable in a given country have not been taken into consideration.
  • This Tax Estimator should be used as a rough estimation tool for general guidance only. A tax professional should be consulted for proper tax advise, tax planning and tax preparation. While care has been taken to estimate the taxes as accurately as possible, no responsibility is taken by GuideMeSingapore for any errors or for any loss, however occasioned, to any person by reliance on this calculator.

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