Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Real Climate Story by Tony Heller

We have been lied to by the government elites ‘for our own good!’ for years now. This fraud has cost citizens hundreds of billions of dollars.

This should be played daily in every school!


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of that line, "None dare call it conspiracy".

IMHO, if and at once the Republicans win the White House, they should launch a full scale FBI or Congressional investigation into the last three decades of NASA's and NOAA's actions and intentions regarding global warming/climate change.

And then bring those guilty of perpetrating this scam to justice, with prison terms for those convicted, full stop!

Al in Cranbrook

dmorris said...

Heller should hire Bill Whittle to do his presentation.Heller presents a good case,but his delivery is deadly dull.

We old timers don't mind sitting through this type of presentation, most of our schooling was the same, but if we are to capture the attention of young people, it has to be more exciting.

Have this presentation redone by Whittle and the "Afterburner" crew, then start to show it on Youtube,social media and in schools, the message just might get through to enough people that eventually the AGW conspirators will lose ALL credibility.