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The True Historical View on What Obama has Done to The World

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It has been widely published that Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Trump in New York, where the incoming president is working on setting up an administration after his surprise election victory last week "that has injected new uncertainty into old U.S. alliances."

The spin now is that Trump himself has interjected uncertainties, the left attempting to whistle past its own graveyard of hastily buried corpses.

We need to understand exactly what is happening. This is big picture stuff. Very Important

It was Obama who introduced uncertainty into our traditional alliances, including Japan, not Trump.

In particular all of our allies watched in horror and disbelief when Obama abandoned US allies Libya and Egypt , using various ideological politically correct excuses of disagreement on the internal affairs of those nations.Libya was destroyed by NATO, a travesty.

Trump is repairing that damage and DE-emphasizing the Saudi role in Americas international affairs.The Sods have one last chore to do.Look after the refugees of the Levant.

This author of the Associated Press thread article is far from being up to speed on the issues yet.Lets help the AP and others out, as the attempt to obscure true history:

The EU bent over for Obama, the great Nobel Peace Prize recipient.Obama entered, drank their wine,ate their cheese, denigrated their anti-Muslim crackers,smelled their perfume,breached stuffy protocols, kissed male leaders on the lips, convinced the EU of his moral superiority as Americas first blackish president. They believed their own myth.Japan does not.Japan remembered the utopian fascism of Tojo while Europe all but forgot the utopian-ism of Hitler and Mussolini.

Obama then used Europe to create his Arab Spring, releasing millions of refugees from the Levant, Libya and Africa, all aimed at the heart of Russia,a US betrayal of its allies, Libya and Egypt, an exercise in modern demographic warfare via community organizing.Putin saw Obama coming and seized the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine to prevent Muslim refugees from entering Russia, and aided Syria, and Iran...stopping Obama short for the embarrassing sophomore that he was.

The masses of refugees created by Obama and Clinton streamed into Western Europe, crossing the Mediterranean, sliding into Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, and beyond. Brussels and the EU played their politically correct cards, accepting the demographic warfare fomented by Obama, who even now continues to hoodwink Europe and the EU, assuring them that their world will not fall apart as the Muslim hordes continue to descend on Germany. Europe is losing itself.

Trump is right, Brexit is right. Its a new world. And Shinzo Abe is right. Obama and his apologia to Islamic nations for Western civilization is now history; a gravidly obtuse and dirty history, obscene and unworthy of America. We will no longer tolerate it quietly.

And we all now see Obama defined as the Utopian liberal fascist that he is, who convinced Europe that he was not just another shuck and jive politician, once again Europe believed in a Utopia, just as they had accepted the Utopias of Hitler and Mussolini. Hoodwinked yet again by an American presidential psychopomp, whose similarities to his European predecessor utopians went completely unnoticed, even when they were complicit in the illegal destruction of Libya , and destroyed the 8th wonder of the world, The Great Man Made River, genocide caused by destroying the water supply of a whole people.You won’t read about that in any liberal progressive rag. The EU should be ashamed of itself.It certainly does not deserve to continue.

If the EU does not take the opportunity afforded by Trump to repudiate Obama, they will become Muslim nations, or become the conquered of Russia. The EU has only a short amount of time to realize its foolishness in the destruction of Libya at the hands of utopian liberal fascism, a whole nation destroyed by the very political correctness which now threatens the destruction of Europe as we know it.

Merkel must go. Lepin must win France. Its all about to begin: the battle for the heart and soul of Europe. Britain is safe,only for the moment.

Brussels is done, but Europe? We shall see.America will yet again attempt to rescue Europe from itself.But there is little enthusiasm for it after what Europe and Obama did to Libya, an act of infamy which will go down in history as one of the most heinous acts ever perpetrated on a third world nation of camel herders by the so called civilized nations of NATO. SHAME!

Obama is running around Europe like a one armed paper hanger as his international grift falls completely apart.Trump and his allies know perfectly well what to do next. The effects of Arab Spring on Europe must be stopped.No more demographic warfare will be allowed.The Saudis will pay for the relocation of the refugees created by Obama, or they will sit by and watch them die. This is the true Obama legacy.

Meanwhile Japan under Shinzo Abe gets it, Europe excluding Britain does not.

The Sheriff is back in town: The United States of America.


A primer:

Barrack Obama: The Quintessential Fascist by Kyle Anne Shiver

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