Monday, March 16, 2009

How about a class action lawsuit for pay equity in the private sector?

The left and its union partners have been pushing ‘pay equity’ policies for a long time now.  They really mean ‘equal pay for work of equal value’.  It is fascinating that they actually believe that anyone can determine what constitutes ‘equal value’.  Well, I’ve been fighting against this concept for many years.  Today I propose that we all cave in and give it our full support.  Let’s start with paying all stay at home moms full ECE ‘Early Childhood Education’ wages and benefits.  Let’s pay all private sector employees the equivalent in wages, benefits, working conditions, pension, job security, etc. that the public sector enjoys. 


Let us all join in a Class Action lawsuit to require the government to pay us appropriately.

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Anonymous said...

And lets not forget bloggers should be paid like Journalists. Or, even better journalist should get paid like bloggers.