Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Platform: It’s time for all of us to frame a platform we would like to see.

First Plank:

I will start it off with my first wish.  I want ‘Right to Work’ legislation.  I want to see that all citizens can compete for any job in the public or private sector.  This will drive down costs and increase productivity as it has in all the states in the US who have adopted it.

I want to see unions reduced in size so that their bargaining capacity is in line with that of the employer.  For example, there would be separate unions for Ford, GM, and Chrysler etc.  This will ensure that competition is maintained.

This would also be the case in all public sector workplaces.  Unions would be local to hospitals, schools, and government departments etc.

We need to do this in the private sector because the current system has led to the annihilation of airlines, steel companies, auto companies etc.

We need to do it in the public sector because wages and working conditions have led to an enormous gap between private and public cost structures.  The CFIB puts the gap at $19,000,000,000 annually.

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ChrisM said...

Second Plank:
School Vouchers! We need to do a much better job of educating our children. The education system as it exists today is producing dumbed-down, feel-good drones. We need our education system to start producing more thoughtful, inciteful and intelligent graduates.

We need to give parents the opportunity to choose between the UNIONIZED public system, where the teacher's union is only concerned about teachers' salaries, benefits and time-off, and a competitive private system where student success rate is closely tied to the success of the school.

Education should be thought of as an essential service. We can't allow the teacher's union to hold our kids hostage just so that they can get more money and more time off. If we are to continue to support only a public system then we need to disband the teacher's union and reward teachers for the success of their students.

It is time to get serious about the future of our children and our country!