Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canada’s Dilemma

It seems to me that in the absence of fraud, coercion and theft, the accumulation of wealth is accomplished by consensual trading of goods or services or the proxy of money between willing partners.  In all such pure transactions both parties receive net benefit or the trade would not take place.  It is this mutually beneficial trading that creates growth in wealth of a society or a nation.  The growth is measured by the increase in overall satisfaction of both trading partners.

On the other hand, a society that permits fraud, coercion or theft will suffer a decline in national worth.  That is because the sum of satisfaction will be neutral or net negative.  Taxes that are not perceived as a good trade are THEFT.  Forcing companies or governments to negotiate with labour cartels is COERCION.  Promises of future benefits (medicare, CPP etc) that will not provide the anticipated services constitute FRAUD.

It is my opinion that Canada in its current form fails on the basis of all three tests.  


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the socialist rant when defining what a Canadian is. "we have free health care and the Americans don't; we better than they are."
My parents and my family were born before Medicare , so was theier family and the 8 generations before that. I would say they were all god Canadians before "free" health care.
Liberals; who needs them.

Roy Eappen said...

The catherine Booth is a rehab , senior citizens home. My cousin was born their in the early 70's, as wer nancy Green's twins. Quebec has closed most of these great little English hospitals.
Now we have poorly paid doctors, crowded e/r's and the highest taxes in North America.
trudeau and pearson were disasters for Canada.

Anonymous said...

Liberalization has led to decades of deficit spending, which has led to higher interest rates, higher inflation, weaker currency, high wages and costs and high taxes. Most troubling is the hugh government debt that eats up at least 1/3 of all tax revenues. The future is NOT getting better due to liberal policy. (real conservative)