Monday, February 7, 2011

The Atheist Antidote: Sarah Palin & The Liberal Psyche


Posted: February 6th, 2011 | Author: Henry D'Andrea

I saw this video over on Conservatives4Palin And one minute into it, I had to share it. Enjoy.

The very sound of her name provokes reactions that run from reverence to loathing. She has become for better or worse a hopeless tangle of causes and effects. Here is a woman who carries all the symbolic freight of America’s culture war. It has become her fate to symbolize everything that some people like, and others detest about this country’s red states.
Sarah Palin has been criticized not only for her record and positions but for her intelligence, her accent, her body, her clothes and even her fitness as a mother. And all this in a time of history celebrated as progressive and forward thinking on the issues of women and power. Many of us watched as her sudden rise provoked a kind of hysteria among liberals and media elite that can only be seen to the objective eye as venomous and cutting. The vicious snobbery and breathtaking double standards will certainly have media consequences for years to come.


Anonymous said...

"Atheist antidote"? WTF are you talking about? I can clearly agree with her on some (primarily financial) issues, but this woman has clearly lost her mind on others, such as "witchcraft", "exorcism", and plenty of other supernatural BS for which there is absolutely no evidence. I weep for the day when the Republican Party let itself get hijacked by these neanderthal theocrats, because that drives people towards the Democrats, who will rob us all blind in their quest for the world as they would like it to be. As it is, Palin has no more credibility on many issues than any other celebrity of the moment.

BillM said...

Where did you get this witchcraft and exorcism crap???

I have read her posts, op-eds, books etc. and never encountered these points.

I see NO evidence that she is a theocrat.

I have never even seen anyting that she suggests that abortion should be banned.

You are not connected to reality!

Anonymous said...

These are the things that her particular brand of supernaturalism ("Pentecostalism", which she attended from the age of 12) believes in, and all you need to do is a little bit of research. Her church held prayer meetings to "protect her from witchcraft, the evil eye" and similar nonsense, and for her to now claim that she didn't know anything about the nonsense that her cult believes holds no more water than Obama's similar claims about not knowing about the BS that Wright was screaming from the pulpit. Palin was chosen as the Quayle of the McCain ticket, a pretty face that wouldn't mean anything anyway, but the more she speaks, the more obvious it becomes that she's out of her depth. Batshit crazy as a private citizen is one thing, but batshit crazy when you have your hands on the levers of power and claim to be "doing god's will" is a whole other level of batshittiness. It would be no different than finding out that MacKenzie King was taking strategic advice during World War Two by conducting seances with his dead mother and dog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SDC you've proven this gentleman's point. I only wish that as a Canadian I could help Mrs. Palin in some way.

Unfortunately, other than buying her books (voting with my wallet) I can only given my written encouragement to her supporters in the U.S. and tell them to keep up the good work and help boost their morale to continue to support this woman.

Thanks SDC your snotty little rant has convinced me I doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Because we can't get nearly enough people that believe the voices in their heads are "god" talking to them in control of thermo-nuclear weapons, right? She may be a heck of a person to hang around with, hunt with, go snowmobiling with, etc., but the fact that she has no more grasp of history or world affairs than "Hey, my preacher has been talking about that "apocalypse" thing-a-rooney-dooney for some time now, so that must mean it's got to happen pretty soon now" doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, any more than Imawhackjob in Iran does.

john said...

Anonymous said...
"Because we can't get nearly enough people ........ doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, any more than Imawhackjob in Iran does".

So? Who the f%%k cares what fills you with confidence?

You sound like a hysterical little weasel shit anyway so it's not too likely that you're anybody important.

Anonymous said...

"So? Who the f%%k cares what fills you with confidence?"

Probably a lot more than the people that care what a religious lunatic has to say about the way that public affairs should be run, fool. Do you want people in power to operate on reason and intelligence, or are you happy having them operate on superstition and stone-age "morality"?