Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hypocrisy of the NDP Healthcare ad is Astonishing!


Jack Layton blames Steven Harper personally for all the failings of Canadian healthcare.  The only problem (the press will never mention) is that the federal government is nothing more than the banker.  All health care management is PROVINCIAL.  The Prime Minister and the Canadian Government have nothing to do with operational control! 


Anonymous said...

& the Liberals destroyed it by slashing the provinces healthcare funding; Layton's ad should be attacking the Liberals ... & wasn't it the NDP that gave us this type of health care in the first place?
All one has to do is look at our *National Healthcare* to see what would happen with a *National Daycare* or a *National Drug Plan* or *National Education* ... or anything else *National* ... Layton & Ignatieff both would like everything in the hands of & run by big Gov't.
Even though it never works.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw that ad. He makes reference to the Tim Horton's in BC being used as a hospital room. Health-care is provincially run and who is in charge in BC? Oh ya, LIBERALS!

Alain said...

What can you expect from Taliban Jack? While you are correct in that the blame here does not, and cannot fall on PM Harper, the federal government has got involved in the provincial running of health care in the past under the Liberals. I recall when Nova Scotia tried refusing to fund abortions performed in private clinics instead of provincial hospitals, and how the Liberal feds forced the province to fund abortions no matter where they were performed. In this case the province was overruled by the federal government under the Liberals. So typical Liberal! The hypocrisy!