Sunday, March 6, 2011

Media simultaneously savaged Sarah Palin, protected Barack Obama


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By Lee Benedict

Guest Columnist

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sarah Palin was the only major party candidate on the 2008 ballot with executive experience.

Palin was the chief executive of a state canvassing more than 586,000 square miles -- Texas has 269,000 -- that borders Canada and Russia, with a budget of $6.6 billion. Approximately 85 percent of Alaska's budget hinges on oil production. Her resume includes being chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Soon after becoming governor, Palin sold the state's private jet for $2.1 million that her predecessor purchased and billed Alaskans for. She defeated that sitting Republican governor in a primary.

Palin used the line-item veto to quash $260 million of Alaska's proposed budget for capital projects -- pork -- to which the Anchorage Daily News said, the cuts "may be the biggest single-year line-item veto total in state history."

The media never reported her stewardship. It did, however, deploy a brigade of investigators to Alaska to search for proverbial dirt, finding none. They attempted to create a national controversy over the origins of her campaign clothing. The Republican national Committee purchased designer clothes for her since she is neither ostentatious nor vain, and did not possess $600 shoes or $2,500 dresses as Jill Biden and Michelle Obama have long demanded.

PALIN'S WARDROBE was more vital to the selection of the free world's leader than the Democratic nominee's history and close personal relationship with Bill Ayers, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and others that the media spun away, if reported at all.

President Obama lived part of his life as Barry Soetoro, and reportedly used more than a dozen Social Security numbers. Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii of two U.S. citizens -- we know they were not -- but has refused to prove he is a natural-born citizen.

He and his campaign has spent approximately $2 million fighting to keep this matter out of court. But Palin's clothing and foreign policy experience took center stage.

For a certified copy of vital records, according to the Hawaii State Department of Health, one must submit an application and pay "$10 for the first copy of each certificate, and $4 for each additional copy of the same certificate ordered at the same time."

Granted, spending $2 million and counting, vs. filling out an application and cutting a check for $10, may seem normal for Democrats. But the media harangues the Palins to this day, yet refuses to report truth regarding Obama.

Moreover, three years of Obama's life are unaccounted for. The media fix was in from day one. For confirmation, compare the media's treatment of an executive seeking the office of vice president to its treatment of a U.S. senator of 138 days seeking the office of president.

The horrible shootings in Arizona prompted the media and others to literally blame Palin for an unstable individual's actions. Soon after that tragedy, on Jan. 23, the Missoula Children's Theater in Montana was performing The Mikado . The director added a scene calling for Palin's beheading.

I once thought that the media has a seething hatred for this woman. Now I am convinced that those who are obsessed with her demise are afraid of her resolve and character, which causes her to be a positive role model.

PALIN HAS A STRONG executive record of nonpartisan governance and doing what she believed to be right, from which Alaska benefitted, thereby making her a threat to those who make their living and receive gratification by controlling others.

She has endured some of the most heinous media attacks in history, and I ask: Why? What has she done to warrant any of it? Who in all of recorded history has received such unwarranted or warranted venomous attacks? Eliot Spitzer gets a television program. Jim McGreevey is forgotten. Ted Kennedy is idolized. Sarah Palin? Demonized. What is the media's true objective?

Media reports labeled her "unqualified." This mother of five, bottom line, is a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense, commonsense American who has governed honorably America's largest state.

Palin hunts and brings food home, and with four generations of Heaths and Palins, prepares the bounty for storage.

Palin is pro-life, and proved it when she did not murder her unborn son via an abortion after doctors claimed he has Down syndrome. She walks her talk, and the Sarah Palins of the world rely on themselves, not government programs, and their happiness and prosperity is not mandated by Washington, D.C.

She is a strong woman with convictions and a belief in the U.S. Constitution, and the American will and spirit of the Founders that cannot, and will not, be broken -- regardless of what the bitter media sends her way.

(The writer is a teacher at Butler High School, an Iraq War veteran and a past candidate for local and state office.)


Patsplace said...

And if you don't think that there is a major problem going on in the US, where ya' been living, under a rock!

A man that would never make it past FBI background checks on an application to join said organization, becomes President of the United States of America. Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

"Now I am convinced that those who are obsessed with her demise are afraid of her resolve and character, which causes her to be a positive role model."

I think this is probably true.

I'm sick of the "news"/entertainment/arts types attacking Palin.

Palin personifies the OLD American spirit. This is something these self imagined "sophisticates" hate above all because they can never measure up to that ideal.