Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The awakening of a self defined liberal (


Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 4:36:01 PM by Render

…..and I awakened to an upside down world which I could not recognize as anything similar to what I had previously known.

I was once an energetic, carefree, optimistic individual who believed in the greater good. I felt I knew much of what was happening around me and also believed that my eyes were wide awake and I was aware of the major events taking place in my nation. The world was much smaller then.

I brought home a decent living, my bills were always paid, and there was cash on hand for the small enjoyments of life that create long lasting memories and enjoyment. I really believed the nation was headed in the right direction.

I believed in many causes and also put much trust into the good intentions of our leaders and the various legislations they pushed upon us. They were after all, for the greater good and we were a country of free people.

I wondered why we couldn’t just let anyone into our country that wanted to be here to pursue a better life.

I wondered why anyone would need a high powered rifle with a large capacity “clip” for hunting.

I believed promoting a higher level of self esteem into our children at whatever cost would be worth it.

I believed all people, given the opportunity to succeed, would contribute to the overall good of our society.

I believed that we should embrace more energy efficient policies to save the environment no matter the resources needed.

The list goes on and on and on….

In 2008 I voted for Barrack Obama………..

I expected greater accountability of the government. I expected transparency.

I expected greater economical growth.

I expected we would all be better off than we were in 2007…..

In 2011, I woke up to what was really happening to all of us.

I have less money.

I barely pay my bills.

I couldn’t afford to go school clothes shopping for my children so I sold some items that were very dear to me.

I watch as those that make significantly less money or don’t work at all, eat well, dress trendy, drive nice cars, and live in nice houses.

I haven’t bough clothing for myself or my wife in years. Instead we sew what tears to conserve money.

I’ve seen the children of this country become victimized and used to further the destruction of our freedoms.

I watch as our political leaders blatantly lie to us and look down upon us as if we are there to serve them.

I’ve seen our free press and our reporters cater to those who wish to dictate over us.

I’ve seen foundations of our country slandered, abused, banned, and referred to as out of date or irrelevant while enemies of this nation are shown preferential treatment, gifted more money then I will ever see in my lifetime, and had their beliefs force fed down our throats under the guise of diversity and tolerance.

Sometimes I think to myself, “Wow! Times have sure changed!”

Then I realize that times haven’t necessarily changed, but rather things have become more obvious and I have actually opened my eyes to the happenings around me. For once I am really aware….

…..and I awakened to an upside down world which I could not recognize as anything similar to what I had previously known.

We are all being treated as sheep by the wolves and they are doing their best to lead us to our slaughter….

I am not a sheep though… I am a wolf. I am a hunter. I am a defender.

What are you?

There is a cause.. It is not republican nor is it democrat. It is not liberal nor is it conservative. It is American. Preserving America is the cause. We must rescue our nation from the lies, the greed, and the unforgivable acts of our political leaders.

That is the cause. Will you help?


Anonymous said...

you contributed to the problem by drinking the kool aid and now you are concerned. critical analysis and some real thought should have shown you that obama was a liar and a communist. all you had to do was follow his trail from chicago to know what a fraud and danger he was and is to america. then again 51% of the low info, gimmie, voters agreed with you.

BillM said...

You do realise that I posted someone else's comment from FreeRepublic.Com?

Dollops said...

That writer was not so much a mugged liberal as a tapped-on-the-shoulder liberal. God's natural order is not a list of suggestions, rather a set of laws we live or die by. Hypenated conservatives, like liberals, want to have it their way but those pesky laws of the universe keep over-ruling them, "fair" or not.