Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is Happening to Canada?


As the saying goes  “February 27, 2013 is a day that will live in infamy”.  The Supreme Court of Canada (all lawyers) handed the legal profession its greatest gift ever.  Since lawsuits require legal professionals on both sides, anything that requires a complex drawn out process transfers wealth from all Canadians to them.  Even if someone from the ‘RIGHT’ files suit there will be money for all.  Of course, in the end anyone demanding court action in favor of conservative, Christian, or Jewish will lose.

Today the most clearly hateful words are ‘RACIST’ and ‘HOMOPHOBE’.  This decision was about the second of these.  On this basis, if you are called either of these two you should have a prima facie case for a tribunal suit.  Your attacker should be able to prove that in fact you are what you’ve been called.  Actually that is not true based on this decision.  You only need to feel threatened.

Would anyone care to speculate on the victims’ chances of a win in any canadian court or tribunal??

We, the people MUST insist that our legislators (representatives of the people) invoke the notwithstanding clause in this case.  There has never been a better opportunity to demonstrate the supremacy of the Constitution.  If they won’t do this, then we must amend the Constitution by the prescribed process.

Tell the lawyers to get stuffed


Pissedoff said...

You don't really believe Harper will use the not withstanding clause? That would mean using the new office to protect religious freedom and we all know it is not to protect Christians. Wonder what he is going to do about Islam that has the same beliefs as Whalcott?

Dollops said...

Stuffed lawyers - now there's an image to warm the heart. Mount them between the croc's and the wolverines.

Anonymous said...

Dunlop I think they would look more natural mounted between a weasel and a rat.

Anonymous said...

I certain that at least a few lawyers have read this blog entry or one's like it (by way of the Blogging Tories). But so far None - N ! O ! N ! E ! have expressed any discomfort with this decision.

I guess they are ok with it.

Mind you, anything that gives THEM more power and lines their pockets is not likely to be critcized.

Lawyers are such wonderfully ethical and honest people/sarc off.