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Are We Equal? ^ | March 27, 2013 | Walter E. Williams

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 8:56:24 AM by Kaslin

Are women equal to men? Are Jews equal to gentiles? Are blacks equal to Italians, Irish, Polish and other white people? The answer is probably a big fat no, and the pretense or assumption that we are equal -- or should be equal -- is foolhardy and creates mischief. Let's look at it.

Male geniuses outnumber female geniuses 7-to-1. Female intelligence is packed much closer to the middle of the bell curve, whereas men's intelligence has far greater variability. That means that though there are many more male geniuses, there are also many more male idiots. The latter might partially explain why more men are in jail than women.

Watch any Saturday afternoon college basketball game and ask yourself the question fixated in the minds of liberals everywhere: "Does this look like America?" Among the 10 players on the court, at best there might be two white players. If you want to see the team's white players, you must look at the bench. A Japanese or Chinese player is close to being totally out of the picture, even on the bench. Professional basketball isn't much better, with 80 percent of the players being black, but at least there's a Chinese player. Professional football isn't much better, with blacks being 65 percent. In both sports, blacks are among the highest-paid players and have the highest number of awards for excellence. Blacks who trace their ancestry to West Africa, including black Americans, hold more than 95 percent of the top times in sprinting.

By contrast, blacks are only 2 percent of the NHL's ice hockey players. But don't fret about black NHL underrepresentation. State underrepresentation is worse. Most U.S. professional hockey players were born in Minnesota, followed by Massachusetts. Not a single U.S. professional hockey player can boast of having been born and raised in Hawaii, Mississippi or Louisiana. Any way we cut it, there is simply no racial proportionality or diversity in professional basketball, football and hockey.

A more emotionally charged question is whether we have equal intelligence. Take Jews, for example. They are only 3 percent of the U.S. population. Half-baked theories of racial proportionality would predict that 3 percent of U.S. Nobel laureates are Jews, but that's way off the mark. Jews constitute a whopping 39 percent of American Nobel Prize winners. At the international level, the disparity is worse. Jews are not even 1 percent of the world's population, but they constitute 20 percent of the world's Nobel Prize winners.

There are many other inequalities and disproportionalities. Asian-Americans routinely score the highest on the math portion of the SAT, whereas blacks score the lowest. Men are 50 percent of the population, and so are women; yet men are struck by lightning six times as often as women. I'm personally wondering what whoever is in charge of lightning has against men. Population statistics for South Dakota, Iowa, Maine, Montana and Vermont show that not even 1 percent of their respective populations is black. By contrast, in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, blacks are over-represented in terms of their percentages in the general population. Pima Indians of Arizona have the world's highest known diabetes rates. Prostate cancer is nearly twice as common among black men as white men. Cervical cancer rates are five times higher among Vietnamese women in the U.S. than among white women.

Soft-minded and sloppy-thinking academics, lawyers and judges harbor the silly notion that but for the fact of discrimination, we'd be proportionately distributed by race across incomes, education, occupations and other outcomes. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere, at any time, that proportionality is the norm anywhere on earth; however, much of our thinking, many of our laws and much of our public policy are based upon proportionality's being the norm. Maybe this vision is held because people believe that equality in fact is necessary for equality before the law. But the only requirement for equality before the law is that one is a human being.

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Anonymous said...

Canada is internationally known as a country who is a pillar of “human equality”. This pillar of equality is structured based on the premise that all humans are not equal and there will be inherent discrimination as a result of a race that is majority ruling. In Canada, this majority race is the Whites of Christian background either English or French. This is simply due to historical facts and principles that Canada was founded upon. During the Trudeau years of liberal rule, Canada seen a splurge of immigration from countries that did not share the same historical facts and principles that this nation was founded upon.

Therein came a conflict of race, religion and culture that captured the immediate attention of the ruling liberal government who enacted many pieces of legislation that officially made Canada the “Multicultural” nation. These include, 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism Act, section 15 of the Charter which prohibits discrimination in the practice of hiring except for affirmative action policies and 27 of the Charter of Rights which specifies that the Charter and other laws should reflect the multicultural heritage of Canadians.

The Broadcasting Act of 1991 asserts that the Canadian broadcasting system should reflect the diversity of cultures in the country which is a key component in the hiring process among media outlets. There are also a number of pieces of provincial legislation that endorse and support multiculturalism. We also see the human rights commissions in all provinces issuing rulings that have a clear favour towards the interests of minorities. There is also a number of criminal laws within the criminal code that prevent certain speech and can increase the seriousness of a crime if “hate” is a motivator.

The concept of Canadian multiculturalism is looked upon with admiration outside the country and is a model for devolving nations. In fact. multiculturalism is often cited as one of Canada's significant accomplishments and a key distinguishing element of what Canadian identity is all about.

When you step out of the box for a moment you will see that what Canada has to address equality is merely a socially engineered system implemented and regulated by the government. The hiring practices of any government organization and any private entity doing business on behalf of the government must adhere to the terms of affirmative action. This basically means that when two applicants are equally qualified for the job the applicant disadvantaged by minority status must be given preference. Minority status can be anything from religion, race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Canadians have been socially conditioned to accept this concept on the basis that if you don’t, you’re a racists, bigot or chauvinist! This is the concept of Canadian equality has actually been very well accepted in our society and has received very little open criticisms. Many politicians from all sides support this socially engineered concept of equality and so have every elected government since the Trudeau area. This year Canada has seen a record number of immigrants coming here with over 70% of them persons of colour. It was the dream of Pierre Trudeau to have a multicultural society where we all live side-by-side in perfect harmony like ebony and ivory, and Peter and Paul happily married

BTW if anyone opposes these views of multiculturalism, I’ll sue your F****** ass off, drag you through the human rights commission and call you a bigot, a racists, a xenophobic and call you a right winged Nazi who loves Hitler! Welcome to Canada everyone where we‘re all equal!