Friday, March 1, 2013

In Search of Common Decency


Posted on March 1, 2013 by Rob

Proverbs 6: 16-19

As the truth concerning Barack Obama’s gross distortions about catastrophic Sequestration spending “cuts” gains wider media and public awareness, I am reminded of how far removed we are from the days where common sense existed and rational people were able to engage in civil conversation. Perhaps the single greatest fact that impedes our nation’s ability to engage in civil discourse is the existence of the “elephant in the room” – the one fact that half of Americans simply can not bring themselves to admit, or they rationalize away with the excuse, “everyone does it.”

Perhaps the single most vile, disgusting, dishonorable and despised human act, one that inflames emotions and insults the offended, is when one human lies to another. Inherent in our souls, deep within our DNA, is an expectation that we deserve the basic human decency of truth. When lied to, most humans feel disrespected, insulted, angry and find themselves unable to maintain anything resembling a healthy relationship with a liar.

Perhaps the second most vile, infuriating and insulting human act is to falsely call another human a liar. Honest people do not appreciate being lied to, nor do they tolerate their integrity being called into question when in fact, the allegation is false.

How do we function as a nation, when in fact our President is a proven, bald-faced liar? When his fans refuse to accept the allegation, the ignorant hear only what they choose to hear, the victims of his lies are so enraged they find it difficult to be civil, and the media either shamelessly ignores his lies, promote his lies or they rationalize his vile, disrespectful behavior with stories about how “the other side” is just as guilty? The victim of lies is truth. When truth dies, hell emerges. Our society’s degraded ability to act in a polite, civil and respectful manner is largely due to the constant state of hell that is generated from a never-ending stream of lies and deceit originating from Barack Obama. The truth often stings like hell, but then it sets you free. A state of hell, anguish, emotional tyranny and disgust will exist as long as lying and dishonesty is “the norm” in our society.

The greatness of American was built upon the moral rock of Truth. The single most popular, widely read and influential book in the world offers profound insights into the human acts our Lord most despises. Please read the imbedded text within this article’s featured image. For the health and restoration of our beloved nation, will you accept His words if you choose to discount mine?

The truth shall set us all free. Honesty must be our common goal.

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Anonymous said...

our society as a whole has become so corrupt it is difficult to find an honest man. when our leaders lie with impunity the flock will follow in like manner.