Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Most Egregious Case of Illegal Campaign Contributions Ever

What happened with the gas plants here in Ontario is the clear front runner!  A small handful of senior members of the Liberal Party of Ontario got together and hatched a plan to manipulate enough voters to win much needed seats.  The fact that almost a billion dollars of taxpayer money had to change hands was deemed to be acceptable to this handful of LPO elites.

Well, now that we know this is exactly what happened, we need redress.  We know that this tiny elite was responsible because Ms.Wynne formally apologized.

We are not vindictive.  We don’t need revenge.  All we need is our money back and friends will be friends. 

The LPO MUST begin the repayment of the taxpayers money immediately.  I recommend that they start with a large cheque to show good faith.  After that they should agree to a schedule of payments which includes a reasonable rate of interest on the remaining balance.  The actual amounts should be keyed to the income from all sources to the LPO.  I would propose an annual percentage at the current combined provincial and federal tax rates which would probably be something north of 40 percent of annual gross revenue.  I chose this because that is how they treat all of us.

When it is repaid in full, we will forgive them! 

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