Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What To Do About the Gas Plants


The people of Ontario were robbed by a tiny cabal in charge of The Liberal Party of Ontario (note: not the Government of Ontario).  The amount has been determined to be approximately $1,100,000,000.  We don’t need to try or jail anyone.  We are magnanimous.  We forgive people who wrong us.  It would take forever and cost a fortune in legal fees to pursue individuals who were complicit.

There is a simple inexpensive alternative.  We should demand restitution for the LPO.  They can assess their members individually.  It is the only fair way.  We know they are responsible because Kathleen Wynne APOLOGISED.

To make sure that the restitution is made, it will probably be necessary to garnishee the receipts of the LPO until the debt is fully paid.       


Downtown Toronto Elite said...

Whatever. Your boy Tim Hudak was on record stating that he would do the exact same thing if elected. How quickly partisan hacks like you forget.

It doesn't matter anyway. You're going to lose the next election too. The people of Ontario don't care. Despite all of Hudak's hyprocritical moralizing, the Grits are still in the lead according to the latest polls. How does that feel?

Anonymous said...

Sad, because it points to the lack of information and awareness of the voters. Not to mention their willingness to be scammed and duped over and over by the Liberals.

BillM said...

To Downtown Elite (Anonymous of course)

You are delusional. I would take exactly the same stance for any party.

I detest Hudak because he is too stupid to see this is the only fair solut5ion to the tax payers of Ontario.

So, like a typical liberal drone, you see nothing wrong with the rape of the citizens by a political elite.

Steve Eros said...

@ dotown elite - The Liberal party depends on a dumb downed voter base which is why liberals are often referred to as low information voters. Liberal supporters couldn't tell you anything about gas plants but they sure can tell you that Hudak is scary.